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An On-line Shakespearean Glossary

Use this glossary to look up unusual words used in Shakespeare's plays.  As this is a general glossary, you will want to make sure that the definition fits the context of the line in which the word is used. 


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~ A ~

ABATE:  to shorten; to cast down; to blunt
ABATEMENT:  diminution
ABHOR:  protest; disgust
ABIDE: to sojourn to expiate
ABLE:  to uphold
ABRIDGEMENT:  a short play
ABROAD:  away, apart
ABROOK:  to brook, abide
ABSEY-BOOK:  a primer
ABSOLUTE:  positive, certain Complete
ABUSE:  to deceive; deception
ABY:  to expiate a fault
ABYSM:  abyss
ACCITE:  to cite, summon
ACCUSE:  accusation
ACHIEVE:  to obtain
ACKNOWN:  'to be acknown' is to acknowledge
ACQUITTANCE:  a receipt or discharge
ACTION-TAKING:  litigious
ACTURE:  action
ADDITION:  title, attribute
ADDRESS:  to prepare oneself
ADDRESSED:  prepared
ADVANCE:  to prefer, promote to honour
ADVERTISEMENT:  admonition
ADVERTISING:  attentive
ADVICE:  consideration, discretion
ADVISE:  sometimes neuter, sometimes reflective, to consider, reflect
ADVISED:  considerate
ADVOCATION:  pleading, advocacy
AFEARED:  afraid
AFFECT:  to love
AFFY:  to affiance To trust
AFRONT:  in front
AGAZED:  looking in amazement
AGLET-BABY:  the small figure engraved on a jewel
AGNISE:  to acknowledge, confess
A-GOOD:  a good deal, plenteously
A-HOLD:  a sea-term
AIERIE:  the nest of a bird of prey
AIM:  a guess
ALDER-LIEFEST:  most loved of all
ALE:  alehouse
ALLOW:  to approve
ALLOWANCE:  approval
AMES-ACE:  two aces, the lowest throw of the dice
AMORT:  dead, dejected
AN:  if
ANCHOR:  an anchorite, hermit
ANCIENT:  an ensign-bearer
ANGEL:  a coin, so called because it bore the image of an angel
ANIGHT:  by night
ANSWER:  retaliation
ANTICK:  the fool in the old plays
ANTRE:  a cave
APPARENT:  heir-apparent
APPEAL:  to accuse; accusation
APPEARED:  made apparent
APPLE-JOHN:  a kind of apple
APPOINTMENT:  preparation
APPREHENSIVE:  apt to apprehend or understand
APPROBATION:  probation
APPROOF:  approbation, proof
APPROVE:  to prove; to justify, make good
APPROVER: one who proves or tries
ARCH:  chief
ARGAL:  a ridiculous word intended for the Latin ergo
ARGENTINE:  silver
ARGIER:  Algiers
ARGOSY:  originally a vessel of Ragusa or Ragosa, a Ragosine; hence any ship of burden
ARGUMENT:  subject
ARMIGERO:  a mistake for Armiger, the Latin for Esquire
AROINT:  found only in the imperative mood, get thee gone
A-ROW:  in a row
ARTICULATE:  to enter into articles of agreement to exhibit in articles
ASK:  to require
ASPECT:  regard, looks
ASPERSION:  sprinkling; hence blessing, because before the Reformation benediction was generally accompanied by the sprinkling of holy water
ASSAY:  to attempt, test, make proof of
ASSINEGO:  an ass
ASSUBJUGATE:  to subjugate
ASSURANCE:  deed of assurance
ASSURED:  betrothed
ATOMY:  an atom Used in contempt of a small person
ATONE:  to put people at one, to reconcile to agree
ATTACH:  to seize, lay hold on
ATTASKED:  taken to task, reprehended
ATTEND:  to listen to
ATTENT:  attentive
ATTORNEY:  an agent; to employ as an agent; To perform by an agent
AUDACIOUS:  spirited, daring, but without any note of blame attached to it
AUGUR:  augury
AUTHENTIC:  clothed with authority
AVAUNT:  int. be gone, a word of abhorrence
AVE:  the Latin for hail; hence acclamation
AVE-MARY:  the angelic salutation addressed to the Blessed Virgin Mary
AVERRING:  confirming
Up to Glossary Index.AVOID:   get rid of
AWFUL:  worshipful
AWKWARD:  contrary


~ B ~

BACCARE:   keep back
BACKWARD:  the hinder part; hence, when applied to time, the past
BAFFLE:  embarrass
BALKED:  heaped, as on a ridge
BALLOW:  a cudgel
BALM:  the oil of consecration
BAN:  to curse
BANK:  to sail by the banks
BARM:  yeast
BARN:  a child
BARNACLE:  a shellfish, supposed to produce the sea-bird of the same name
BASE:  a game, sometimes called Prisoners' base
BASES:  an embroidered mantle worn by knights on horseback, and reaching from the middle to below the knees
BASILISK:  a kind of ordnance
BASTA:  enough
BASTARD:  raisin wine
BATE:  to flutter, as a hawk
BATE:  to except; To abate
BAT-FOWLING:  catching birds with a clap-net by night
BATLET:  a small bat, used for beating clothes
BATTLE:  army
BAVIN:  used as a piece of waste wood, applied contemptuously to anything worthless
BAWCOCK:  a fine fellow
BAWD:  procurer
BAY:  the space between the main timbers of the roof
BEADSMAN:  one who bids bedes, that is, prays prayers for another
BEARING-CLOTH:  a rich cloth in which children were wrapt at their christening
BEAT:  to flutter as a falcon, to meditate, consider earnestly
BEAVER:  the lower part of a helmet
BEETLE:  a mallet
BEING:  dwelling
BEING:  since, inasmuch as
BE-METE:  to measure
BE-MOILED:  daubed with dirt
BENDING:  stooping under a weight
BENVENUTO (Italian):  welcome
BERGOMASK:  a rustic dance
BESHREW:  evil befal
BESTRAUGHT:  distraught, distracted
BETEEM:  to pour out
BETID:  happened
BEZONIAN:  a beggarly fellow
BIDING:  abiding-place
BIGGEN:  a night-cap
BILBERRY:  the whortleberry
BILBO:  a sword, from Bilboa, a town in Spain where they were made
BILBOES:  fetters or stocks
BILL:  a bill-hook, a weapon
BIN:  been, are
BIRD-BOLT:  a bolt to be shot from a crossbow at birds
BIRDING:  part. hawking at partridges
BISSON:  blind
BLANK:  the white mark in the middle of a target; hence, metaphorically, that which is aimed at
BLENCH:  to start aside, flinch
BLENT:  blended
BLOOD-BOLTERED:  smeared with blood
BLOW:  to inflate
BOARD:  to make advances to; accost
BOB:  a blow, metaph. a sarcasm
BOB:  to strike, metaph. to ridicule, or to obtain by raillery

BODGE:  to botch, bungle
BODIKIN:  a corrupt word used as an oath. 'Od's Bodikin,' God's little Body
BOITIER VERT:  green box
BOLD:  to embolden
BOLLEN:  swollen
BOLTED:  sifted, refined
BOLTER:  a sieve
BOLTING-HUTCH:  a hutch in which meal was sifted
BOMBARD:  a barrel, a drunkard
BOMBAST:  padding
BONA-ROBA:  a harlot
BOND:  that to which one is bound
BOOK:  a paper of conditions
BOOT:  help, use
BOOT:  to help, to avail
BOOTLESS:  without boot or advantage, useless
BOOTS:  bots, a kind of worm
BORE:  calibre of a gun; hence, metaph. size, weight, importance
BOSKY:  covered with underwood
BOSOM:  wish, heart's desire
BOTS:  worms which infest horses
BOURN:  a boundary; A brook
BRACE:  armour for the arm, state of defence
BRACH:  a hound bitch
BRAID:  deceitful
BRAVE:  handsome, well-dressed
BRAVE:  boast
BRAVERY:  finery; Boastfulness
BRAWL:  a kind of dance
BREAST:  voice
BREATHE:  to exercise
BREATHING:  exercising
BREECHING:  liable to be whipt
BREED-BATE:  a breeder of debate, a fomenter of quarrels
BREESE:  the gadfly
BRIBE-BUCK:  a buck given away in presents
BRING:  to attend one on a journey
BROCK:  a badger, a term of contempt
BROKE:  to act as a procurer
BROKEN:  having lost some teeth by age
BROKEN MUSIC:  the music of stringed instruments
BROKER:  an agent
BROTHERHOOD:  trading company
BROWNIST:  a sectary, a follower of Brown, the founder of the Independents
BRUIT:  noise, report, rumour
BRUIT:  to noise abroad
BRUSH:  rude assault
BUCK:  suds or lye for washing clothes in
BUCK-BASKET:  the basket in which clothes are carried to the wash
BUCKING:  washing
BUCK-WASHING:  washing in lye
BUG:  a bugbear, a spectre
BULLY-ROOK:  a bragging cheater
BURGONET:  a kind of helmet
BURST:  to break
BUSKY:  bushy
Up to Glossary Index.BUTT-SHAFT:   a light arrow for shooting at a target
BUXOM:  obedient
BY'RLAKIN: by our little Lady: an oath


~ C ~

CADDIS:  worsted galloon, so called because it resembles the caddis-worm
CADE:  a cask or barrel
CAGE:  a prison
CAIN-COLOURED:  red (applied to hair)
CAITIFF:  a captive, a slave; hence, a witch
CALCULATE:  prophesy
CALIVER:  a hand-gun
CALLET:  a trull
CALLING:  appellation
CALM:  qualm
CAN:  to know, be skillful in
CANAKIN:  a little can
CANARY:  a wine brought from the Canary Islands
CANDLE-WASTERS:  persons who sit up all night to drink
CANKER:  a caterpillar; The dog-rose
CANSTICK:  a candlestick
CANTLE:  a slice, corner
CANTON:  a canto
CANVAS:  to sift: hence, metaphorically, to prove
CAPABLE:  subject to Intelligent; Capable of inheriting Ample, capacious
CAPITULATE:  make a combined force
CAPOCCHIA:  a simpleton
CAPRICIO:  caprice
CAPRICIOUS:  lascivious
CAPTIOUS:  capacious
CARACK:  a large ship of burden
CARBONADO:  meat scotched for broiling; to scotch for broiling
CARD:  the taper on which the points of the compass are marked under the mariner's needle
CAREIRE:  the curvetting of a horse
CARKANET:  a necklace
CARL:  a churl
CARLOT:  a churl
CASTILIAN:  a native of Castile; used as a cant term
CASTILIANO VULGO:  a cant term, meaning, apparently, to use discreet language
CATAIAN:  a native of Cathay, a cant word
CATLING:  cat-gut
CAUTEL:  deceit
CAUTELOUS:  insidious
CAVALERO:  a cavalier, gentleman
CAVIARE:  the roe of sturgeon pickled; metaph. a delicacy not appreciated by the vulgar
CEASE:  decease; put off, made to cease
CENSURE:  judgment; to judge, criticise
CENTURY:  a hundred of anything, whether men, prayers, or anything else
CEREMONY:  a ceremonial vestment, religious rite, or anything ceremonial
CERTES:  certainly
CESS:  rate, reckoning
CHACE:  a term at tennis
CHAMBER:  a species of great gun
CHAMBERER:  an effeminate man
CHANSON:  a song
CHARACT:  affected quality
CHARACTER:  a letter, handwriting; to carve or engrave
CHARACTERY:  handwriting; That which is written
CHARE:  a turn of work
CHARGE-HOUSE:  a free-school
CHARLES' WAIN:  the constellation called also Ursa Major, or the Great Bear
CHARNECO:  a species of sweet wine
CHAUDRON:  entrails
CHEATER:  for escheator, an officer who collected the fines to be paid into the Exchequer; A decoy
CHEQUE:  a technical term in falconry; when a falcon flies at a bird which is not her proper game she is said to cheque at it
CHEQUES:  perhaps intended for ethics
CHEER:  fortune, countenance
CHERRY-PIT:  a game played with cherrystones
CHEVERIL:  kid leather
CHEWIT:  cough
CHILDING:  pregnant
CH'ILL:  vulgar for 'I will'
CHIRURGEONLY:  in a manner becoming a surgeon
CHOPIN:  a high shoe or clog
CHRISTENDOM:  the state of being a Christian
CHRISTOM:  clothed with a chrisom, the white garment which used to be put on newly-baptized children
CHUCK:  chicken, a term of endearment
CHUFF:  a coarse blunt clown
CINQUE PACE:  a kind of dance
CIPHER:  to decipher
CIRCUMSTANCE:  an argument
CITAL:  recital
CITE:  to incite
CITTERN:  a guitar
CLACK-DISH:  a beggar's dish
CLAP I' THE CLOUT:  to shoot an arrow into the bull's eye of the target
CLAW:  to flatter
CLEPE:  to call
CLIFF:  clef, the key in music
CLING:  to starve
CLINQUANT:  glittering
CLIP:  to embrace, enclose
CLOUT:  the mark in the middle of a target
COAST:  to advance
COBLOAF:  a big loaf
COCK:  a cockboat
COCK:  a euphemism for God
COCK-AND-PIE:  an oath
COCKLE:  tares or darnel
COCKNEY:  a cook
COCK-SHUT-TIME:  the twilight, when cocks and hens go to roost
COG:  to cheat, dissemble
COGNIZANCE:  badge, token
COIGN:  projecting corner stone
COIL:  tumult, turmoil
COLLECTION:  drawing a conclusion
COLLIED:  blackened
COLOUR:  pretence
COLOURABLE:  specious
COLT:  to defraud, befool
CO-MART:  a joint bargain
COMBINATE:  betrothed
COMBINE:  to bind
COMMODITY:  interest, profit
COMMONTY:  used ludicrously for comedy
COMPACT:  compacted, composed
COMPARATIVE:  drawing comparisons
COMPARE:  comparison
COMPASSIONATE:  moving comparison
COMPETITOR:  one who seeks the same thing, an associate in any object
COMPLEMENT:  accomplishment

COMPLEXION : passion
COMPOSE:  to agree
COMPOSTION:  composition
COMPTIBLE:  tractable
CON:  to learn by heart; To acknowledge
CONCEIT:  conception, opinion, fancy
CONCUPY:  concubine
CONDITION:  temper, quality
CONDUCT:  escort
CONFECT:  to make up into sweetmeats
CONFOUND:  to consume, destroy
CONJECT:  conjecture
CONSIGN:  to sign a common bond, to confederate
CONSORT:  company; to accompany
CONSTANCY:  consistency
CONSTANT:  settled, determined
CONSTER:  to construe
CONTEMPTIBLE:  contemptuous
CONTINENT:  that which contains anything; That which is contained
CONTINUATE:  uninterrupted
CONTRACTION:  the marriage contract
CONTRARY:  to oppose
CONTRIVE:  to conspire; to wear away
CONTROL:  to confute
CONVENT:  to convene, summon to be convenient
CONVERT:  to change
CONVERTITE:  a convert
CONVEY:  to manage; To filch
CONVEYANCE:  theft, fraud
CONVICT:  convicted
CONVICTED:  overpowered, vanquished; A doubtful word
CONVINCE:  to conquer, subdue
CONVIVE:  to feast together
CONVOY:  escort
CONY-CATCH:  to cheat
CONY-CATCHING:  poaching, pilfering
COOLING CARD:  used metaphorically for an insurmountable obstacle
COPATAIN HAT:  a high-crowned hat
COPE:  to reward, to give in return
COPY:  theme
CORAGIO:  courage
CORAM:  an ignorant mistake for Quorum
CORANTO:  lively dance
CORINTH:  a cant term for a brothel
CORINTHIAN:  a wencher
CORKY:  dry like cork
CORNUTO:  a cuckold
COROLLARY:  a surplus
CORPORAL:  corporeal, bodily
CORPORAL OF THE FIELD:  an aide-de-camp
CORRIVAL:  rival
COSTARD:  the head
COSTER-MONGER:  peddling, mercenary
COTE:  a cottage
COTE:  to quote, instance
COTE:  to come alongside, overtake
COT-QUEAN:  an effeminate man, molly-coddle
COUCHINGS:  crouchings
COUNT CONFECT:  a nobleman composed of affectation
COUNTENANCE:  fair shew
COUNTERFEIT:  portrait; A piece of base coin
COUNTERPOINT:  a counterpane
COUNTERVAIL:  to counterpoise, outweigh
COUNTRY:  belonging to one's country
COUNTY:  count, earl
COVENT:  a convent
COVER:  to lay the table for dinner
COWISH:  cowardly
COWL-STAFF:  the staff on which a vessel is supported between two men
COX MY PASSION:  an oath, a euphemism for 'God's Passion'
COY:  to stroke, fondle to condescend with difficulty
COYSTRIL:  a kestrel, a cowardly kind of hawk
COZEN:  to cheat
COZENAGE:  cheating
COZENER:  a cheater
COZIER:  a tailor
CRACK:  to boast
CRACK:  a loud noise, clap; A forward boy
CRACKER:  boaster
CRACK-HEMP:  a gallows-bird
CRANK:  a winding passage
CRANKING:  winding
CRANTS:  garlands
CRARE:  a ship of burden
CRAVEN:  a dunghill cock
CREATE:  formed, compounded
CREDENT:  creditable; Credible; Credulous
CREDIT:  report
CRESCIVE:  increasing
CRESTLESS:  not entitled to bear arms, lowborn
CRISP:  curled, winding
CROSS:  a piece of money, so called because the coin was formerly stamped with a cross
CROW-KEEPER:  one who scares crows
CROWNER:  a coroner
CROWNET:  a coronet
CRY:  the yelping of hounds; A pack of hounds; A company, use contemptuously
CRY AIM:  to encourage
CUE:  the last words of an actor's speech, which is the signal for the next actor to begin
CUISSES:  pieces of armour to cover the thighs
CULLION:  a base fellow
CUNNING:  skill; skilful
CURB:  to bend, truckle
CURRENTS:  occurrences
CURST CURSTNESS:  shrewishness
CURTAIL:  a cur
CURTAL:  a docked horse
CURTAL-AXE:  a cutlass
CUSTALORUM:  a ludicrous mistake for Custos Rotulorum
CUSTARD-COFFIN:  the crust of a custard-pudding
Up to Glossary Index.CUSTOMER:   a common woman
CUT:  a cheat; 'To draw cuts' is to draw lots
CYPRESS:  a kind of crape


~ D ~

DAFF:  to befool; to put off; this seems to be a corruption of 'doff.'
DAMN:  to condemn
DANGER:  reach, control, power
DANSKER:  a Dane
DARE:  to challenge
DARKLING:  in the dark
DARRAIGN:  to set in array
DAUB:  to disguise
DAUBERY:  imposition
DAY-WOMAN:  a dairy-maid
DEAR:  dire; that which has to do with the affections; piteous; important
DEARN:  lonely
DEBOSHED:  debauched; drunken
DECK:  to bedew (this is probably a form of the verb 'to dag,' now a provincial word); a pack of cards
DECLINE:  to enumerate, as in going through the cases of a noun
DECLINED:  fallen
DEEM:  doom; judgment
DEFEAT:  to undo, destroy; destruction
DEFEATURE:  disfigurement
DEFENCE:  art of fencing
DEFEND:  to forbid
DEFENSIBLE:  having the power to defend
DEFTLY:  dexterously
DEFY:  renounce
DEGREES:  a step
DELAY:  to let slip by delaying
DEMERIT:  merit, desert
DEMURELY:  solemnly
DENAY:  denial
DENIER:  the 12th part of a French sol coin
DENOTEMENT:  marking; note or manifestation
DENY:  to refuse
DEPART:  departure; to part
DEPARTING:  parting, separation
DEPEND:  to be in service
DERIVED:  born, descended
DEROGATE:  degraded
DESCANT:  a variation upon a melody, hence, metaphorically, a comment on a given theme
DESIGN:  to draw up articles
DESPATCH:  to deprive, bereave
DESPERATE:  determined, bold
DETECT:  to charge, blame
DETERMINE: to conclude
DICH:  optative mood, perhaps contracted for 'do it.'
DIET:  food regulated by the rules of medicine; to have one's food regulated by the rules of medicine
DIFFUSED:  confused
DIGRESSING:  transgressing, going out of the right way
DIGRESSION:  transgression
DIG-YOU-GOOD-DEN:  give you good evening
DILDO:  the chorus or burden of a song
DINT:  stroke
DIRECTION:  judgment, skill
DISABLE:  to disparage
DISAPPOINTED:  unprepared
DISCASE:  to undress
DISCONTENT:  a malcontent
DISCOURSE:  power of reasoning
DISDAINED:  disdainful
DISLIMN:  to disfigure, transform
DISME:  a tenth or tithe
DISPARK:  to destroy a park
DISPONGE:  to squeeze out as from a sponge
DISPOSE:  disposal; to conspire
DISPOSITION:  maintenance
DISPUTABLE:  disputatious
DISPUTE:  to argue, examine
DISSEMBLY:  used ridiculously for assembly
DISTASTE:  to corrupt
DISTEMPERED:  discontented
DISTRACTION:  a detached troop or company of soldiers
DISTRAUGHT:  distracted, mad
DIVERTED:  turned from the natural course
DIVISION:  a phrase or passage in a melody
DIVULGED:  published, spoken of
DOFF:  to do off, strip; to put off with an excuse
DOLT:  a small Dutch coin
DOLE:  portion dealt Grief, lamentation
DON:  to do on, put on
DONE:  'done to death,' put to death
DOTANT:  one who dotes, a dotard
DOUT:  to do out, quench
DOWLAS:  a kind of coarse sacking
DOWLE:  the swirl of a feather
DOWN-GYVED:  hanging down like gyves or fetters
DRAB:  a harlot
DRABBING:  whoring
DRAUGHT:  a privy
DRAWN:  having his sword drawn; drunk, having taken a good draught
DRIVE:  to rush impetuously
DROLLERY:  a puppet-show
DRUMBLE:  to dawdle
DRY:  thirsty
DUC-DAME:  perhaps the Latin duc-ad-me, bring him to me
DUDGEON:  a dagger
DULL:  soothing
Up to Glossary Index.DULLARD:  a dull person
DUMP:  complaint
DUP:  to do up; lift up


~ E ~

EAGER:   sour; harsh; biting
EANLING:  a yeanling, a lamb
EAR:  to plough
ECHE:  to eke out
EFT:  ready, convenient
EISEL:  vinegar
ELD:  old age
EMBOSSED:  swollen into protuberances; covered with foam
EMBOWELLED:  disembowelled, emptied
EMBRASURE:  embrace
EMINENCE:  exalted station
EMPERY:  empire
EMULATION:  jealousy, mutiny
EMULOUS:  jealous
ENCAVE:  to place oneself in a cave
END:  'Still an end,' continually for ever
ENFEOFF:  to place in possession in fee simple
ENGINE:  a machine of war
ENGLUT:  to swallow speedily
ENGROSS:  to make gross or fat
ENGROSSMENT:  immoderate acquisition
ENKINDLE:  to make keen
ENMEW:  to shut up, as a hawk is shut up in a mew
ENSCONCE:  to cover as with a fort
ENSEAMED:  fat, rank
ENSHIELD:  hidden
ENTERTAIN:  encounter; experience
ENTERTAINMENT:  treatment; a disposition to entertain a proposal; service
ENTREATMENTS:  interviews
EPHESIAN:  a toper, a cant term
EQUIPAGE:  attendance
EREWHILE:  a short time since
ESCOT:  to pay a man's reckoning, to maintain
ESPERANCE:  hope, used as a war-cry
ESPIAL:  a scout or spy
ESTIMATION:  conjecture
ESTRIDGE:   ostridge
ETERNE:  eternal
EVEN:  coequal; to equal
EXAMINE:  to question
EXCREMENT:  that which grows outwardly from the body and has no sensation like the hair or nails; any outward show
EXECUTOR:  an executioner
EXEMPT:  excluded
EXERCISE:  a religious service
EXHALE:  to hale or draw out to draw the sword
EXHIBITION:  allowance, pension
EXIGENT:  death, ending
EXION:  ridiculously used for 'action'
EXPECT:  expectation
EXPEDIENCE:  expedition, undertaking; haste
EXPEDIENT:  expeditious, swift
EXPIATE:  completed
EXPOSTULATE:  to expound, discuss
EXPOSTURE:  exposure
EXPRESS:  to reveal
EXPULSE:  to expel
EXSUFFICATE:  that which has been hissed off, contemptible
EXTEND:  to seize
EXTENT:  a seizure
EXTERN:  outward
EXTIRP:  to extirpate
EXTRACTING:  distracting
EXTRAUGHT:  part. extracted, descended
EXTRAVAGANT:  foreign, wandering
EXTREMES:  extravagance of conduct; extremities
EYAS:  a nestling hawk
EYAS-MUSKET:  a nestling of the musket or merlin; the smallest species of British hawk
Up to Glossary Index.EYE:   a glance; oeillad; a shade of colour, as in shot silk
EYNE:  eyes


~ F ~

FACINOROUS:  wicked 
FACT:  guilt 
FACTIOUS:  instant, importunate 
FACULTY:  essential virtue or power 
FADGE:  to suit 
FADING:  a kind of ending to a song 
FAIN:  glad; gladly 
FAIR:  beauty
FAITOR:  a traitor
FALL:  to let fall 
FALLOW:  fawn-coloured 
FALSE:  falsehood 
FALSING:  deceptive 
FAMILIAR:  a familiar spirit 
FANCY FANCY-FREE:  untouched by love 
FANG:  to seize in the teeth 
FANTASTIC:  a fantastical person 
FAP:  drunk 
FAR:  farther 
FARCED:  stuffed 
FARDEL:  a burden 
FARTUOUS:  used ridiculously for ' virtuous.' 
FAST:  assuredly, unalterably 
FAT:  dull 
FAVOUR:  countenance; complexion; quality 
FEAR:  the object of fear; to affright 
FEARFUL:  subject to fear, timorous 
FEAT:  dexterous; to make fine 
FEATER:  comp. degree. more neatly 
FEATLY:  nimbly, daintily 
FEATURE:  beauty 
FEDERARY:  confederate 
FEEDER:  agent, servant 
FEE-GRIEF:  a grief held, as it were, in fee-simple, or the peculiar property of him who possesses it 
FEERE:  a companion, husband 
FEHEMENTLY:  used ridiculously for 'vehemently.' 
FELL:  the hide 
FENCE:  art or skill in defence 
FEODARY:  one who holds an estate by suit or service to a superior lord; hence one who acts under the direction of another 
FESTER:  to rankle, grow virulent 
FESTINATELY:  quickly 
FET:  fetched 
FICO:  a fig 
FIELDED:  in the field of battle 
FIG:  to insult 
FIGHTS:  clothes hung round a ship to conceal the men from the enemy 
FILE:  a list or catalogue; to defile To smooth or polish To make even 
FILL-HORSE:  shaft-horse 
FILLS:  the shafts 
FILTH:  a whore 
FINE:  end; to make fine or specious 
FINELESS:  endless 
FIRAGO:  ridiculously used for 'Virago.' 
FIRE-DRAKE:  Will o' the Wisp 
FIRE-NEW:  with the glitter of novelty on, like newly- forged metal
FIRK:  to chastise
FIT:  a canto or division of a song A trick or habit 
FITCHEW:  a polecat 
FIVES:  a disease incident to horses 
FLAP-DRAGON:  raisins in burning brandy 
FLAP-JACK:  a pan-cake 
FLAT:  certain 
FLATNESS:  lowness, depth 
FLAW:  a gust of wind sudden emotion, or the cause of it; to make a flaw in, to break 
:  spotted, streaked 
FLEET:  to float To pass away to pass the time 
FLEETING:  inconstant 
FLESHMENT:  the act of fleshing the sword, hence the first feat of arms 
FLEWED:  furnished with hanging lips, as hounds are 
FLIGHT:  a particular mode of practising archery 
FLIRT-GILL:  a light woman 
FLOTE:  wave, sea 
FLOURISH:  an ornament; to ornament, disguise with ornament 
FLUSH:  fresh, full of vigour 
FOIL:  defeat, disadvantage
FOIN:  to fence, fight 
FOISON:  plenty 
FOND:  foolish, foolishly affectionate 
FOOT-CLOTH:  a saddle-cloth hanging down to the ground 
FOR:  for that, because 
FORBID:  accursed, outlawed 
FORBODE:  forbidden 
FORCE:  to stuff, for 'farce.' 
FORCED:  falsely attributed 
FORDO:  to kill, destroy To weary 
FOREIGN:  obliged to live abroad 
FOREPAST:  former 
FORESLOW :  to delay 
FORFEND:  to forbid 
FORGETIVE:  inventive 
FORKED:  horned 
FORMAL:  regular, retaining its proper and essential characteristic 
FORSPEAK:  to speak against 
FORSPENT:  exhausted, weary 
FORTHRIGHT:  a straight path; forthrights and meanders, straight paths and crooked ones 
FORWEARY:  to weary, exhaust 
FOSSET-SELLER:  one who sells the pipes inserted into a vessel to give vent to the liquor, and stopped by a spigot 
FOX:  a sword; a cant word 
FOX-SHIP:  the cunning of the fox 
FRAMPOLD:  peevish, unquiet FRANK the feeding place of swine 
FRANKED:  confined 
FRANKLIN:  a freeholder, a small squire 
FRAUGHT:  freighted 
FRAUGHTAGE:  freight 
FRAUGHTING:  to fraught. loading or constituting the cargo of a ship 
FRESH:  a spring of fresh water 
FRET:  the stop of a guitar; to wear away To variegate 
FRIEND:  to befriend 
FRIPPERY:  an old-clothes shop 
FROM:  prep. contrary to 
FRONT:  to affront, oppose 
FRONTIER:  opposition 
FRONTLET:  that which is worn on the forehead 
FRUSH:  to break or bruise 
FRUSTRATE:  frustrated 
FUB OFF:  to put off 
FULFILL:  to fill full 
FULL:  complete 
FULLAM:  a loaded die 
Up to Glossary Index. FULSOME:  lustful 
FURNISHED:  equipped 
FURNITOR:  furnitory, an herb


~ G ~

GABERDINE: a loose outer coat, or smock frock 
GAD: a pointed instrument, a goad Upon the gad, with impetuous haste, upon the spur of the moment 
: misgiving 
: going, steps 
: a kind of dance 
: a kind of ship 
: a ridiculous medley 
: to scare 
: the irregular infantry of Ireland, and the Highlands of Scotland 
: a frolicsome person A loose woman 
: disorder, uproar 
: gaudy, staring 
: to lay by, as corn in a barn 
: frightened 
: festive 
: an object of wonder 
GEAR: matter of business of any kind 
: a fool 
: the generality, common people 
: children 
: noble birth 
: noble 
: good manners 
: gentlefolk; noble; to ennoble 
: complaisance, conduct becoming gentlefolk 
: akin Appropriate 
: seed, embryo 
: period 
: a he-cat 
: talents, endowment 
: a wanton girl 
: a coin of the value of 1s. 6d. or 2s 
: money State of wealth 
: double 
: contrivance
: gang 
GIRD: to gibe; a sarcasm or gibe 
: to scoff; a scoff 
: to comment; hence, to be garrulous 
: to swallow 
: to snarl 
: indeed 
: good-evening, contracted from 'Good-even.' 
-YEAR or GOOD-JER: a corruption of the French goujere; the venereal disease 
: corpulent 
: a species of game of chance 
: a drop 
: discretion 
: abounding in grace Divine 
: engrained 
: int. grand mercy, much thanks 
: the farmstead attached to a monastery, a solitary farm-house 
: used ridiculously for 'gratuity.' 
: to congratulate 
: to bury 
: grossly 
: a bawd 
: immature, fresh, unused 
: foolishly 
: to weep 
: a step 
: palpably 
: one who sits in the pit of a theatre 
: accruing 
: decoration; to decorate 
: guardianship 
: the pintado, a cant term 
: red, a term in heraldry 
: the throat 
Up to Glossary Index. GUN-STONE: a cannon ball 
GUST: taste, relish 
: to fetter


~ H ~

HACK: to become common 
HAGGARD : a wild or unreclaimed hawk 
HAG-SEED:  seed or offspring of a hag 
HAIR:  course, order, grain 
HALIDOM:  holiness, sanctification, Christian fellowship; used as an oath, and analogous to 'By my faith.' 
HALL:  an open space to dance in 
HALLOWMAS:  All Hallows' Day 
HAP:  chance, fortune 
HAPPILY:  accidentally 
HANDSAW:  perhaps a corruption of Heronshaw; a hern 
HARDIMENT:  defiance, brave deeds 
HARLOCK:  charlock, wild mustard 
HARRY:  to annoy, harass 
HAUGHT:  haughty 
HAUNT:  company 
HAVING:  property, fortune 
HAVIOUR:  behavior 
HAY:  a term in fencing 
HEADY:  violent, headlong 
HEAT:  of 'to heat,' heated 
HEBENON:  henbane 
HEFT:  a heaving; furnished with a handle: hence, metaphorically, finished off, delicately formed 
HELM:  to steer, manage 
HENCE:  henceforward 
HENCHMAN:  a page or attendant
HENT:  to seize, take 
HERMIT:  a beadsman, one bound to pray for another 
HEST:  command 

HIGH:  used in composition with adjectives to heighten or emphasize their signification, as, high- fantastical 
HIGHT:  called 
:  held 
HILDING:  a paltry fellow 
HINT:  suggestion 
HIREN:  a prostitute. with a pun on the word 'iron.' 
HIT:  to agree 
HOISE:  to hoist, heave up on high 
HOIST:  hoisted 
HOLP:  to help; helped 
HOME:  to the utmost 
HONEST:  chaste 
HONESTY:  chastity 
HONEY-STALKS:  the red clover 
HOODMAN-BLIND:  the game now called blindman's-buff 
HORN-MAD:  probably, 'harn-mad,' that is, brain-mad 
HOROLOGE:  a clock 
HOT-HOUSE: a brothel 
HOX:  to hamstring 
HUGGER-MUGGER:  secrecy 
HULL:  to drift on the sea like a wrecked ship 
HUMOROUS:  fitful, or, perhaps, hurried 
HUNT-COUNTER:  to follow the scent the wrong way 
HUNTS-UP:  a holla used in hunting when the game was on foot 
HURLY:  noise, confusion 
HURTLE:  to clash 
Up to Glossary Index. HURTLING:  noise, confusion 
HUSBANDRY:  frugality Management 
HUSWIFE:  a jilt

~ I ~

ICE-BROOK:   an icy-cold brook
I'FECKS:  int. in faith, a euphemism
IGNOMY:  ignominy
IMAGE:  representation
IMBARE:  to bare, lay open
IMMEDIACY:  close connexion
IMMOMENT:  unimportant
IMP:  to graf;. to splice a falcon's broken feathers; a scion; a child
IMPAWN:  to stake, compromise
IMPEACH:  to bring into question; impeachment
IMPEACHMENT:  cause of censure, hindrance
IMPERCEIVERANT:  duff of perception
IMPETICOS:  to pocket
IMPORTANCE:  importunity
IMPORTANT:  importunate
IMPORTING:  significant
IMPOSE:  imposition, meaning command or task imposed upon any one
IMPRESE:  a device with a motto
IMPRESS:  to compel to serve
INCAPABLE:  unconscious
INCARNARDINE:  to dye red
INCENSED:  incited, egged on
INCH-MEAL:  by inch-meal, by portions of inches
INCLINING:  compliant; inclination
INCLIP:  to embrace
INCLUDE:  conclude
INCONY:  fine, delicate
INCORRECT:  ill-regulated
IND:  India
INDENT:  to compound or bargain
INDEX:  a preface
INDIFFERENT:   ordinary
INDIGEST:  disordered
INDITE:  to invite; to convict
INDUCTION:  introduction, beginning
INFINITE:  infinite power
INGRAFT:  to engraff, engrafted
INHABITABLE:  uninhabitable
INHERIT:  to possess
INHOOPED:  penned up in hoops
INKHORN-MATE:  a contemptuous term for an ecclesiastic, or man of learning
INKLE:  a kind of narrow fillet or tape
INLAND:  civilized, well-educated
INLY:  inward; inwardly
INSANE:  that which causes insanity
INSCONCE:  to arm, fortify
INSTANCE:  example; information; reason, proof
INTEND:  to pretend
INTENDING:  regarding
INTENDMENT:  intention
INTENTIVELY:  attentively
INTERMISSION:  pause, delay
INTRENCHMENT:  not capable of being cut
INTRINSE:  intricate
INTRINSICATE:  intricate
INVENTION:  imagination
INWARD:  an intimate friend; intimate
INWARDNESS:  intimacy
Up to Glossary Index.IRREGULOUS:   lawless, licentious
ITERATION:  reiteration


~ J ~

JACK:  a mean fellow
JACK-A-LENT:  a puppet thrown at in Lent
JACK GUARDANT:  a jack in office
JADE:  to whip, to treat with contempt
JAR:  the ticking of a clock; to tick as a clock
JAUNCE:  to prance
JESS:  a strap of leather attached to the talons of a hawk, by which it is held on the fist
JEST:  to tilt in a tournament
JET:  to strut
JOURNAL:   daily
JOVIAL:  appertaining to Jove
JUDICIOUS:  critical
JUMP:  to agree to hazard; hazard
JUMP:  exactly, nicely
JUSTICER:  a judge, magistrate
JUT:  to encroach
Up to Glossary Index.JUTTY:   a projection; to jut out beyond
JUVENAL:  youth, young man


~ K ~

KAM:  crooked
KECKSY:  hemlock
KEECH:  a lump of tallow
KEEL:  to skin
KEEP:  to restrain
KEISAR:  Caesar, Emperor
KERN:  the rude foot soldiers of the Irish
KIBE:  a chilblain
KICKSHAW:  a made dish
KICKSY WICKSY:  a wife, used in disdain
KILN-HOLE:   the ash-hole under a kiln
KIND:  nature
KINDLE:  to bring forth young; used only of beasts
KINDLESS:  unnatural
KINDLY:  natural
KIRTLE:  a gown
KNAP:  to snap, crack
Up to Glossary Index.KNAVE:   a boy; A serving-man
KNOT:  a figure in garden beds
KNOW:  to acknowledge


~ L ~

LABRAS:  lips 
LACED-MUTTON:  a courtesan 
LAG:  the lowest of the people; late, behindhand 
LAKIN:  ladykin, little lady, an endearing term applied to the Virgin Mary in the oath, 'By our lakin.' 
LAND-DAMN : perhaps to extirpate; Hanmer thinks it means to kill by stopping the urine 
LAPSED:  taken, apprehended 
LARGE:  licentious, free 
LARGESS:  a present 
LASS-LORN:  deserted by a mistress 
LATCH:  to smear To catch 
LATED:  belated 
LATTEN:  made of brass 
LAUND:  lawn 
LAVOLTA:  a dance 
LAY:  wager 
LEAGUE:  besieging army 
LEASING:  lying 
LEATHER-COATS:  a kind of apple 
LEECH:  a physician 
LEER:  countenance, complexion 
LEET:  a manor court 
LEGE:  to allege 
LEGERITY:  lightness 
LEIGER:  an ambassador resident abroad 
LEMAN:  a lover or mistress 
LENTEN:  meagre That which may be eaten in Lent 
L'ENVOY:  the farewell or moral at the end of a tale or poem 
LET:  to hinder to binder; hindrance 
LETHE:  death
LEVEL:  to aim; that which is aimed at 
LEWD:  ignorant, foolish 
LEWDLY:  wickedly 
LEWDSTER:  a lewd person 
LIBBARD:  a leopard 
LIBERAL:  licentious 
LIBERTY:  libertinism 
LICENCE:  licentiousness 
LIEF:  dear 
LIFTER:  a thief 
LIGHT O' LOVE:  a tune so called 
LIGHTLY:  easily, generally 
LIKE:  to please; to liken, compare;  likely 
LIKELIHOOD:  promise, appearance
LIKING:  condition 
LIMBECK:  an alembick, a still 
LIMBO:  or Limbo patrum, the place where good men under the Old Testament were believed to be imprisoned till released by Christ after his crucifixion 
LIME:  bird-lime; to entangle as with bird-lime To smear with bird-lime To mix lime with beer or other liquor 
LIMN:  to draw 
LINE:  to cover on the inside To strengthen by inner works 
LINSTOCK:  a staff with a match at the end of it used by gunners in firing cannon 
LIST:  a margin, hence a bound or enclosure
LITHER:  lazy 
LITTLE:  miniature 
LIVELIHOOD:  appearance of life
LIVERY:  a law phrase, signifying the act of delivering a freehold into the possession of the heir or purchaser 
LIVING:  lively, convincing 
LOACH: a fish so called 
LOB:  a looby 
LOCKRAM:  a sort of coarse linen
LODE-STAR:  the leading-star, pole-star 
LOFFE:  to laugh 
LOGGATS:  the game called nine-pins 
LONGLY:  longingly 
LOOF:  to lull, bring a vessel up to the wind 
LOON:  a low contemptible fellow 
LOT:  a prize in a lottery 
LOTTERY:  that which falls to a man by lot 
LOWT:  a clown 
LOWT:  to treat one as a lowt, with contempt 
LOZEL:  a spendthrift 
LUBBER:  a leopard 
LUCE:  n. the pike or jack, a fresh-water fish 
LUMPISH:  duff, dejected 
LUNES:  fits of lunacy 
LURCH:  to defeat, to win;  to shift, to play tricks 
LURE:  a thing stuffed to resemble a bird with which the falconer allures a hawk 
LUSH:  juicy, luxuriant 
LUSTIG:  lusty, cheerful 
LUXURIOUS:  lascivious 
Up to Glossary Index. LUXURY:  lust 
LYM:  a limer or slow hound


~ M ~

MADE:  having his fortune made 
MAGNIFICO:  the chief magistrate at Venice 
MAGOT-PIE:  a magpie, a pie which feeds on magots 
MAIL:  covered as with a coat of mail 
MAIN-COURSE:  a sea-term 
MAKE:  to do up, bar; To do
MALKIN : a familiar name for Mary; hence a servant wench 
MALLECHO:  mischief 
MAMMERING:  hesitating 
MAMMETS:  a woman's breasts A doll 
MAMMOCK:  to break, tear 
MAN:  to tame a hawk 
MANAGE:  management 
MANDRAGORA : or Mandrake a plant of soporiferous quality, supposed to resemble a man 
MANKIND:  having a masculine nature 
MARCHES:  frontiers, borders 
MARCHPANE:  a kind of sweet biscuit 
MARGENT:  margin 
MARRY TRAP:  an oath 
MARTLEMAS:  the Feast of St. Martin, which occurs on the 11th of Nov. when the fine weather generally ends; hence applied to an old man 
MATCH:  an appointment 
MATE : to confound, dismay 
MEACOCK:  tame, cowardly 
MEALED:  mingled 
MEAN: instrument used to promote an end; the tenor part in a harmony; opportunity, power 
MEASURE:  reach; A stately dance 
MEAZEL:  a leper, spoken in contempt of a mean person 
MEDAL:  a portrait in a locket 
MEDICINE: a physician 
MEED:  reward, hire Merit 
MEHERCLE:  by Hercules 
MEINY:  retinue 
MELL:  to mix, to meddle 
MEMORISE:  to cause to be remembered 
MEPHISTOPHILUS:  the name of a familiar spirit 
MERCATANTE:  a foreign trader 
MERELY:  simply, absolutely 
MESS:  a company of four 
METAPHYSICAL:  supernatural 
METE-YARD:  measuring-wand 
MEW UP:  to confine 
MICHER:  a truant 
MICKLE:  much 
MILL-SIXPENCE:  a milled sixpence 
MINCE:  to do any thing affectedly 
MINCING:  affected 
MISCREATE:  illegitimate 
MISDOUBT:  to suspect 
MISER:  avarice 
MISPRISE  to despise; To mistake 
MISPRISION:  mistake 
MISSIVE : messenger 
MISTHINK : to think ill of 
MISTRESS  the jack in bowling 
MOBLED:  muffled 
MODERN:  commonplace 
MODULE : a model, image 
MOE:  and more; Of frequent occurrence 
MOIETY:  a portion 
MOME:  a stupid person 
MOMENTANY:  momentary 
MONTHS-MIND:  a monthly commemoration of the dead, but used ludicrously to mean a great mind or strong desire 
MOOD:  anger 
MOON-CALF:   a nick-name applied to Caliban 
MOONISH : inconstant 
MOP:  nod 
MORISCO:  a Moor 
MORRIS-PIKE:  Moorish-pike 
MORT:  death, applied to animals of the chase 
MORT-DU-VINAIGRE:  a ridiculous oath 
MORTAL:  fatal, deadly Murderous 
MORTIFIED:  ascetic 
MOSE:  a doubtful word, applied to some disease in a horse 
MOTION:  solicitation Emotion; a puppet 
MOTIVE:  one who moves; That which moves 
MOTLEY:  or the many-coloured coat of a fool, or a fool 
MOTLEY-MINDED:  foolish 
MOUSE-HUNT:  a weasel 
MOW:  to make grimaces 
MOY:  a coin, probably a moidore
MUCH:  int. significant of contempt; used ironically 
MURE:  a wall 
Up to Glossary Index. MUST:  a scramble 
MUTINE:  to mutiny;  a mutineer


~ N ~

NAPKIN:   a handkerchief
NATURAL:  an idiot
NAYWARD:  towards denial
NAYWORD:  a catch-word, by-word
NEB:  the beak
NEELD:  a needle
NEIF:  hand
NEPHEW:  a grandson
NETHER-STOCKS:  stockings
NEXT:  nearest
NICE:  foolish
NICK:  score or reckoning; to brand with folly
NIGHTED:  black as night
NIGHT-RULE:  nightly solemnity
NINE MEN'S MORRIS:  a place set apart for a Moorish dance by nine men
NINNY:  a fool, jester
NOBILITY:  nobleness
NOBLE:  a coin, worth 6s. 8d
NODDY:  a dolt
NONCE:  for the nonce, corrupted from 'for then once,' for the occasion
NOOK-SHOTTEN:  indented with bays and creeks
NOURISH:  a nurse
NOVUM:  a game at dice
Up to Glossary Index.NOWL:   head
NUTHOOK:  a hook for pulling down nuts, hence a thief


~ O ~

O:   a circle
OAR:  to row as with oars
OBSEQUIOUS:  behaving as becomes one who attends funeral obsequies
OBSEQUIOUSLY:  funereally
OBSTACLE:  ridiculously used for 'obstinate'
OCCUPATION:  persons occupied in business
OCCURENT:  an incident
OD'S:  a euphemism for 'God's' in exclamations such as OD'S BODY, OD'S HEARTLINGS, OD'S PITTIKINS, and OD'S PLESSED WILL
OEILLIAD:  an amorous glance
O'ERPARTED:  having too important a part to act
O'ER-RAUGHT:  overreached overtasked
OFFERING:  challenging
OFFICE:  benefit, kindness use, function
OLD:  a cant term for great, as we say fine, or pretty
ONCE:  some time
ONEYER:  a banker; a doubtful word
OPE:  open; to open
OPEN:   plain; public; to give tongue as a hound
OPERANT:  active
OPINIONED:  used ridiculously for pinioned
OPPOSITE:  adversary
OR:  before
ORDER:  measures
ORDINANCE:  rank, order
ORGULOUS:  proud
ORT:  leaving, refuse
OSTENT:  show, appearance
OSTENTATION:  show, appearance
OUNCE:  a beast of prey of the tiger kind
OUPHE:  a fairy
OUSEL-COCK:  the blackbird
OUT:  all out, fully
Up to Glossary Index.OUT-LOOK:   to face down
OUTWARD:  not in the secret of affairs; outside
OWE:  to own


~ P ~

PACK:  to practice unlawful confederacy; a number of people confederated 
PADDOCK:  a toad 
PAID:  punished 
PALABRAS:  words, a cant term, from the Spanish 
PALE:  to enclose 
PALL:  to wrap as with a pall 
PALLED:  impaired 
PALMER:  one who bears a palm-branch, in token of having made a pilgrimage to Palestine 
PALMY:  victorious 
PARCELLED:  belonging to individuals 
PARD:  the leopard 
PARITOR:  an apparitor 
PARLE:  talk 
PARLOUS:  perilous keen, shrewd 
PARTED:  endowed, gifted 
PARTIZAN:  a pike 
PASH:  the face; to strike violently, to bruise, crush 
PASS:  to practice; To surpass expectation 
PASSANT:  a term of heraldry, applied to animals represented on the shield as passing by at a trot 
PASSING:  surpassingly, exceedingly 
PASSION:  to have feelings 
PASSIONATE:  to suffer 
PASSY-MEASURE:  a kind of dance 
PASTRY:  the room where pastry was made 
PATCH:  a mean fellow 
PATCHED:  dressed in motley 
PATCHERY:  trickery 
PATH:  to walk 
PATHETICAL:  affected, hypocritical 
PATIENT:  to make patient, to compose
PATINE:  the metal disc on which the bread is placed in the administration of the Eucharist 
PATTERN:  to give an example of Afford a pattern for 
PAUCA VERBA:  few words 
PAUCAS:  few, a cant word 
PAVIN:  a dance 
PAX:  a small image of Christ 
PAY:  to despatch 
PEAT:  a term of endearment for a child 
PEDASCULE:  a pedant, schoolmaster 
PEER:  to peep out 
PEIZE:  to balance, weigh down 
PELTING:  paltry 
PERDU:  lost 
PERDURABLE:  durable 
PERDY:  a euphemism for Par Dieu 
PERFECT : certain; to inform perfectly 
PERIAPTS:  charms worn round the neck 
PERJURE:  a perjured person 
PERSEVER:  to persevere 
PERSPECTIVE:  a telescope, or some sort of optical glass 
PEW-FELLOW:  a comrade 
PHEEZE:  to comb, fleece, curry 
PIA-MATER:  the membrane covering the brain, the brain itself 
PICK:  to pitch, throw 
PICKED:  chosen, selected 
PICKERS:  (and stealers), the fingers, used ridiculously 
PICKING:  insignificant 
PICKT-HATCH:  a place noted for brothels. Merry Wives of Windsor 
PIED:  motley-coated, wearing the motley coat of a jester 
PIELED:  shaven 
PLIGHT:  pitched 
PILCHER: a scabbard 
PILL:  to pillage 
PIN : a malady of the eye; The centre of a target 
PINFOLD:  a pound, a place to confine lost cattle 
PIONED:  digged 
PLACKET:  a petticoat-front 
PLAIN SONG:  a simple air 
PLAITED:  intricate 
PLANCHED:  made of boards 
PLANTATION:  colonizing, planting a colony 
:  plausible 
PLEACHED:  interwoven 
POINT:  a lace furnished with a tag by which the breeches were held up 
POINT-DE-VICE:  faultless 
POISE:  balance Doubt 
POLLED:  bare 
POMANDER:  a perfumed ball 
POMEWATER:  a kind of apple 
POOR-JOHN:  a herring 
POPINJAY:  a parrot 
PORT:  pomp, state; a gate 
PORTABLE:  bearable 
PORTANCE:  conduct, behavior 
POSSESS:  to inform 
POTCH:  to push violently 
POTENT:  a potentate 
POUNCET-BOX:  a box for holding perfumes 
POWER:  forces, army 
PRACTISE:  wicked stratagem 
PRACTISANT:  a confederate 
PRANK:  to dress up 
PRECEPT:  a justice's summons 
PRECIOUSLY:  in business of great importance 
PREGNANCY:  fertility of invention 
PREGNANT:  fertile of invention Ready Obvious 
PRENOMINATE:  to name beforehand, to prophesy 
PRE-ORDINANCE:  old-established law 
PRESENCE:  the presence-chamber High bearing 
PREST:  ready 
PRETENCE:  design 
PRETEND: to portend To intend 
PREVENT:  to anticipate 
PRICK:  the mark denoting the hour on a dial; to incite; To choose by pricking a hole with a pin opposite the name 
-SONG:  music sung in parts by note 
PRICKET:  a stag of two years 
PRIDE: heat 
PRIG:  to steal 
PRIME:  rank, lecherous 
PRIMER:  more-important 
PRIMERO:  a game at cards 
PRINCIPALITY:  that which holds the highest place 
PRINCOX:  a coxcomb 
PRISER:  a prize-fighter 
PROCURE:  to bring 
PREFACE:  interj. much good may it do you 
PROFANE:  outspoken 
PROGRESS:  a royal ceremonial journey 
PROJECT:  to shape or contrive 
PROMPTURE:  suggestion 
PRONE:  ready, willing 
PROOF:  strength of manhood 
PROPAGATE:  to advance, to forward 
PROPAGATION:  obtaining 
PROPER-FALSE:  natural falsehood 
PROPERTIED:  endowed with the properties of 
PROPERTIES:  scenes, dresses, &c. used in a theatre 
PROPERTY:  to take possession of 
PROPOSE:  to suppose, for the sake of argument; To converse 
PROPOSE:  conversation 
PROROGUE:  to defer 
PROVAND:  provender 
PROVISION:  forecast 
PUCELLE:  a virgin, the name given to Joan of Arc 
PUDENCY:  modesty 
PUGGING:  thieving 
PUN:  to pound 
PURCHASE:  to acquire, win; gain, winnings 
PUT:  to compel 
PUTTER-ON:  an instigator 
Up to Glossary Index.PUTTER-OUT:  one who lends money at interest 
PUTTING-ON:  instigation 
PUTTOCK:  a kite


~ Q ~

QUAIL:   to faint, be languid, be afraid; to cause to quail
QUAINT:  curiously beautiful
QUAKE:  to cause to quake or tremble
QUALIFY:  to moderate
QUALITY:  those of the same nature; rank or condition
QUARREL:  a suit, cause
QUARRY:  game, a heap of game
QUART D'ECU:  a quarter crown
QUARTER:  the post allotted to a soldier
QUAT:  a pimple; used in contempt of a person
QUEASY:  squeamish, unsettled
QUELL:  murder
QUENCH:  to grow cool
QUERN:  a hand-mill
QUEST:  enquiry, search, inquest, jury
QUESTRIST:   one who goes in search of another
QUICK:  so far gone in pregnancy that the child is alive
QUICKEN:  to come to life
QUIDDIT:  a subtle question
QUIDDITY:  that which makes a thing what it is; the essential nature
QUILLET:  quidebet, a subtle case in law
QUINTAIN:  a post for tilting at
QUIP:  sharp jest, a taunt
QUIRE:  to sing in concert
QUIT:  to requite, respond; past tense of the verb to quit, quitted
Up to Glossary Index.QUITANCE:   requital
QUIVER:  active
QUOTE:  to note


~ R ~

RABATO:  a ruff 
RABBIT-SUCKER:  a weasel
RACE:  breed; inherited nature 
RACK:  wreck; to enhance the price of anything To drive as clouds 
RAG:  a term of contempt applied to persons 
RAKE:  to cover 
RAPT:  transported with emotion 
RAPTURE:  a fit 
RASCAL:  a lean deer 
RASH:  quick, violent 
RATE:  opinion, judgment 
RATE:  to assign, to value To scold 
RATOLORUM:  a ludicrous mistake for Rotulorum 
RAUGHT:  past tense of reach
RAVIN : ravenous; to devour 
RAWLY  inadequately 
RAWNESS:  unprovided state 
RAYED:   arrayed, served 
RAZED:  slashed 
REAR-MOUSE:  the bat 
REBATE:  to deprive of keenness 
REBECK:  a three-stringed fiddle 
RECEIPT :  money received 
RECEIVING:  capacity 
RECHEAT:  a point of the chase to call back the hounds 
RECORD:  to sing 
RECORDER:  a flute 
RECURE : to cure, recover 
RED-LATTICE:  suitable to an ale-house, because ale-houses had commonly red lattices 
RED-PLAGUE:  erysipelas 
REDUCE:  to bring back 
REECHY:  smoky, dirty 
REFELL:  to refute 
REFER:  to reserve to 
REGIMENT:  government 
REGREET:  a salutation; to salute 
REGUERDON:  requital 
RELATIVE:  applicable 
REMEMBER:  to remind 
REMORSE:  pity 
REMORSEFUL:  full of pity, compassionate 
REMOTION:  removal 
REMOVED :  sequestered, remote 
RENDER:  to describe you; account 
RENEGE:  to renounce, to deny 
REPAIR:  to renovate, comfort 
REPEAL:  to reverse the sentence of exile
REPROOF:  confutation 
REPUGN:  to resist 
REQUIEM : mass for the dead, so called because it begins with the words " Requiem eternam dona eis, Domine"
RESOLVE:  to satisfy; To dissolve 
RESPECT:  consideration 
RESPECTIVE:  respectful, thoughtful; corresponding 
RESPECTIVELY:  respectfully 
RETAILED:  handed down 
RETIRE:  retreat; to draw back 
REVERB:  to echo 
REVOLT:  a rebel 
RIB:  to enclose as within ribs 
RID:  to destroy 
RIFT:  to split; a split 
RIGGISH:  wanton 
RIGOL:  a circle 
RIPE:  drunk 
RIVAGE:  the shore 
RIVAL:  a partner 
RIVALITY:  equal rank 
RIVE:  to fire 
ROAD:  the high road, applied to a common woman 
ROISTING:  roistering, violent 
ROMAGE  unusual stir 
RONVON:  a term of contempt applied to a woman 
ROOD:  the crucifix 
ROOK:  a cheater 
ROPERY:  roguery 
ROPE-TRICKS:  tricks such as are played by a rope-dancer 
ROUND:  to whisper; to become great with child; to finish off; a diadem; unceremonious 
ROUNDEL:  a dance or song 
ROUNDURE: an enclosure 
ROUSE:  carousal 
ROYNISH:  mangy 
RUBIOUS : ruddy 
RUDDOCK:  the redbreast 
Up to Glossary Index.RUSH:  to push 
RUSHLING:  rustling


~ S ~

SACRIFICIAL:  reverent, as words used in religious worship 
SACRING-BELL:  the little bell rung at mass to give notice that the elements are consecrated 
SAD:  serious 
SADLY:  seriously 
SADNESS:  seriousness 
SAFE:  to make safe 
SAG:  to hang down 
SALT:  lascivious; taste 
SANDED:  marked with yellow spots 
SANS:  without 
SAUCY:  lascivious 
SAW : a moral saying 
SAY:  silken; assay, taste, relish 
SCAFFOLDAGE;  the gallery of a theatre 
SCALD:  scurvy, scabby 
SCALE;  to weigh in scales 
SCALL:  a scab, a word of reproach 
SCAMBLE : to scramble 
SCAMEL:  probably a misprint for sea-mel, sea-mew 
SCAN:  to examine subtly 
SCANT : to cut short, to spare; scanty, short scarcely 
SCANTLING:  a small portion 
SCAPE:  to escape; a sally 
SCATHE:  injury;  to injure 
SCATHFUL:  destructive 
SCONCE:  the head 
SCOTCH:  to bruise or cut slightly 
SCRIMER :  a fencer 
SCROYLE a scabby fellow 
SCULL:  a shoal of fish 
SCURVY:  scabby; mean 
SEAL:  to set one's seal to a deed; hence, to confirm 
SEAM:  fat 
SEAMY:  showing the seam or sewing 
SEAR:  scorched, withered; to stigmatize 
SEARCH:  to probe; hence, to apply a healing remedy 
SEATED:  fixed, confirmed 
SECT:  a slip or scion A political party 
SECURELY:  inconsiderately 
SEEL:  to close 
SEELING:  closing, blinding 
SEEMING:  seemly, becomingly; outward manner and appearance 
SEEN:  versed, instructed 
SELD :  seldom 
SELF-BOUNTY:  native goodness 
SEMBLABLY :  alike 
SENIORY:  seniority 
SENNET:  a flourish of trumpets 
SEPULCHRE:  to bury 
SEQUESTRATION :  separation 
SERE:  dry 
SERJEANT:  a bailiff 
SERPIGO :  a cutaneous disease 
SERVICEABLE:  'serviceable vows,' vows that you will do her service, or be her servant 
SETEBOS:  the name of a fiend 
SETTER:  one who watches travellers to give information to thieves 
SEVERAL:  land which is not common but appropriated 
:  to be ashamed; modesty
SHARDS:  shreds, broken fragments of pottery; the wing cases of beetles; hence 'sharded,' and 'shard-borne,' 
SHARKED:  snatched up, as a shark does his prey 
SHEEN:  brilliancy 
SHEER:  pure; unmixed 
SHENT : rebuked, blamed; hurt 
SHERIFF'S-POST;  a post at the door of a sheriff, to which royal proclamations were fixed 
SHIVE:  slice 
SHOT:  the reckoning at an ale-house 
SHOUGHS:  shaggy dogs 
SHOULDERED:  plunged 
SHOVEL-BOARD:  game played by sliding metal pieces along a board at a mark 
SHREWD:  mischievous 
SHRIFT:  confession; absolution 
SHRIVE:  to confess 
SHRIVING-TIME:  time for confession 
SHROUD:  to enshroud oneself, cover oneself up 
SIDE-SLEEVES:  loose hanging sleeves 
SIEGE:  seat; stool; rank 
SIGHT:  an aperture in a helmet 
SIGHTLESS:  invisible; unsightly 
SIGN:  to give an omen 
SILLY:  simple, rustic 
SIMULAR:  counterfeit, feigned 
SINGLE:  feeble 
SIR : a title applied to a bachelor of arts at the Universities 
SITH:  since 
SITHENCE : since 
SIZES:  allowances 
SKAINS-MATES:  scapegraces 
SKILL:  to be of importance 
SKILLESS:  ignorant 
SKIMBLE-SKAMBLE:  rambling, disjointed 
SKINKER:  a drawer of liquor 
SKIRR:  to scour 
SLACK:  slacken 
SLAVE:  to turn to slavish uses 
SLEAVE:  floss-silk 
SLEDDED:  sledged 
SLEIDED:  untwisted, raw, applied to silk (Gower) 
SLEIGHTS:  artifices 
SLIPPER:  slippery 
SLIPS : a kind of noose, or leash; a piece of base money 
SLIVER : to slice; a slice 
SLOPS:  loose breeches 
SLUBBER:  to slur over 
SMIRCHED:  smeared, soiled 
SMOOTH:  to flatter 
SMOOTHED:  flattered, fawned upon 
SNEAP:  taunt, sarcasm 
SNEAPED : pinched 
SNECK-UP:  go hang! 
SNUFF:  anger; 'To take in snuff' is to take offence 
SOFTLY:  gently 
SOIL:  spot, taint 
SOLICIT:  solicitation 
SOLIDARE:  a small coin 
SOLVE:  solution 
SOMETIMES:  formerly 
SOOTH:  truth; conciliation; true 
SORE L:  a buck of the third year 
SORRIEST:  most sorrowful 
SORRY:  sorrowful, dismal 
SORT:  a company; rank, condition; lot 'In a sort,' in a manner; to choose to suit; to consort 
SOT:  fool 
SOUL-FEARING :  soul-terrifying 
SOWL:  to lug, drag 
SOWTER:  name of a dog 
SPECIALLY:  a special contract 
SPED:  settled, done for 
SPEED:  fortune
SPERR:  to bolt, fasten 
SPIAL:  spy 
SPILL:  to destroy 
SPILTH:  spilling 
SPLEEN:  violent haste; used of the lightning flash 
SPRAG:  quick 
SPRING:  shoot, bud; beginning 
SPRINGHALT:  stringhalt, a disease of horses 
SPRITED:  haunted 
SPURS:  roots of trees 
SQUANDERED:  scattered 
SQUARE:  to quarrel; the front part of a woman's dress, stomacher; equitable 
SQUARER:  quarreller 
SQUASH:  an unripe peascod 
SQUIER:  a square or rule 
SQUINY:  to squint 
STAGGERS:  a disease in horses, attended with giddiness: hence any bewildering distress 
STAIN:  to disfigure 
STALE:  a decoy; a gull; a prostitute; to make stale, deprive anything of its freshness 
STAND UPON:  to be incumbent on 
STANIEL:  an inferior kind of hawk 
STARK:  stiff 
STARKLY:  stiffly 
STATE:  a canopied chair 
STATION:  attitude; act of standing 
STATIST:  a statesman 
STATUA:  a statue 
STATUE:  image, picture 
STATUTE:  security, obligation 
STATUTE-CAPS:  woollen caps worn by citizens 
STAY:  a cheque 
STEAD:  to profit 
STEELED:  set or fixed 
STERNAGE:  steerage, course 
STICKLER:  an arbitrator in combats 
STIGMATIC:  a deformed person 
STIGMATICAL:  deformed 
STILL:  constant; constantly 
STILLY:  softly 
STINT:  to stop to stop 
STITHY:  a smith's forge;  to forge 
STOCCADO:  a stoccata, or thrust in fencing 
STOCK:  a stocking 
STOMACH:  courage, stubbornness; appetite, inclination 
STONE-BOW:  a cross-bow for throwing stones 
STOUP:  a cup 
STOUT:  strong, healthy 
STOVER:  fodder 
STRACHY:  A word of doubtful meaning 
STRAIGHT:  immediately 
STRAIN:  lineage; disposition 
STRAITED:  straitened 
STRANGE:  foreign ; coy, reserved Marvellous 
STRANGENESS:  coyness, reserve 
STRANGER:  foreigner 
STRAPPADO:  a kind of punishment 
STRICTURE:  strictness 
STROSSERS:  trowsers 
STUCK:  a thrust of a sword 
STUCK IN:  corruption of stoccata 
STUFF:  baggage; material, substance 
STUFFED:  filled, stored 
STY:  to lodge as in a sty 
SUBSCRIBE:  to yield to succumb 
SUCCESS : issue, consequence; succession 
SUCCESSIVE : succeeding; in succession 
SUDDEN:  hasty, rash 
SUDDENLY:  hastily 
SUFFERANCE:  suffering 
SUGGEST:  to tempt, entice 
SUGGESTION:  temptation, enticement 
SUITED:  dressed 
SULLEN:  doleful, melancholy 
SUMPTER:  a horse that carries provisions on a journey 
SUPPOSE:  a trick, imposition 
SUPPOSED:  counterfeit 
SURCEASE:  to cease; cessation, end 
SURPRISE:  to capture by surprise 
SUR-REINED : over-worked 
SUSPECT:  suspicion 
SUSPIRE:  to breathe 
SWABBER:  a sweeper of the deck of a ship 
SWARTH:  black; quantity of grass cut down by one sweep of the scythe 
SWASHER : swaggerer 
SWASHING:  dashing, smashing 
SWATH:  The same as 'swarth.' 
SWATHLING:  swaddling 
SWAY:  to move on 
SWEAR:  to adjure 
SWEAR OVER : to out-swear 
Up to Glossary Index. SWIFT:  ready, quick 

~ T ~

TABLE:  a tablet, note-book 
TABLE-BOOK: note-book 
TABLES:  the game of backgammon A note-book 
TABOUR:  a small side-drum 
TABOURER:  a player on the tabour 
TABOURINE :  tambourine, drum 
TAG:  the rabble 
TAINT:  tainted 
TAINTURE:  defilement 
TAKE:  to infect, blast, bewitch 
TAKE IN:  to conquer 
TAKE OUT:  to copy 
TAKE UP:  to borrow money, or buy on credit; To make up a quarrel 
TAKING:  infection, malignant influence 
TAKING UP:  buying on credit 
TALE:  counting, reckoning 
TALL:  strong, valiant 
TALLOW-CATCH:  a lump of tallow 
TANG:  twang, sound; to sound 
TANLING : anything tanned by the sun 
TARRE :  to excite, urge on 
TARRIANCE:  delay 
TARTAR:  Tartarus 
TASK:  to tax; Challenge 
TASKING:  challenging 
TASTE:  to try
TAWDRY-LACE : a rustic necklace
TAXATION:  satire, sarcasm 
TAXING : satire 
TEEN:  grief 
TELL:  to count 
TEMPER:  to mix 
TEMPERANCE:  temperature 
TEMPERED:  mixed 
TEND:  to attend to 
TENDER:  to hold, to esteem; To have consideration for 
TENT : to probe as a wound; a probe for searching a wound 
TERCEL:  the male of the goshawk 
TERMAGANT:  a ranting character in old plays 
TESTED:  pure, assayed 
TESTERN:  to reward with a tester, or six-pence 
THARBOROUGH:  a constable 
THEORICK:  theory 
THEWES:  sinews, muscles 
THICK:  rapidly 
THICK-PLEACHED : thickly intertwined 
THIRD-BOROUGH:  a constable 
THOUGHT:  anxiety, grief So 'to take thought' is to give way to grief 
THRASONICAL:  boastful 
THREE-MAN BEETLE :a wooden mallet worked by three men 
THREE-MAN-SONG-MEN:  singers of glees in three parts 
THREE-PILE:  three-piled velvet 
THRENE:  lament 
THRID:  thread, fibre 
THROE :  to put in agonies 
THRUM :  the tufted end of a thread in weaving 
THRUMMED  made od coarse ends or tufts
TICKLE:  ticklish 
TIGHT:  nimble, active 
TIGHTLY:  briskly, promptly 
TIKE:  a cur 
TILLY-VALLY:  int. an exclamation of contempt 
TILTH : tillage 
TIMELESS:  untimely 
TINCT:  stain, dye 
TIRE:  attire, head-dress; to tear as a bird of prey Hence, metaphorically, to feed; to attire, dress 
TANG:  twang, sound 
TOD:  to yield a tod of wool 
TOKENED:  marked with plague spots 
TOKENS:  plague spots 
TOLL:  to exact toll To pay toll 
TOO TOO:  excessively 
TOPLESS:  supreme, without superior 
TOUCH:  touchstone for testing gold Trait An acute feeling 
TOUCHED : pricked 
TOUSE:  to pull, drag 
TOWARD : nearly ready 
TOWARDS:  nearly ready 
TOYS:  trifles, foolish tricks 
TRADE:  beaten path 
TRANECT:  a ferry 
TRANSLATED:  transformed 
TRASH : to cheque, as a huntsman his hounds 
TRAVAIL:  labour, toil 
TRAY-TRIP:  an old game played with dice 
TREACHERS:  traitors 
TREATIES:  entreaties 
TRENCHED:  carved 
TRICK:  technically, a copy of a coat of arms; hence, any peculiarity which distinguishes voice or feature;  to dress up 
TRICKED:  blazoned 
TRICKING:  ornament 
TRICKSY:  elegantly quaint 
TRIPLE:  third 
TROJAN:  a cant word for a thief 
TROL-MY-DAMES:  the name of a game; also called pigeon-holes 
TROTH-PLIGHT:   betrothed 
TROW:  to trust, think 
TRUE:  honest 
TRUNDLE-TAIL:  a long-tailed dog 
TUCKET-SONANCE:  a flourish on the trumpet 
TUNDISH:  a funnel 
TURLYGOOD:  a name adopted by bedlam-beggars 
TURN:  to modulate 
TWANGLING:  twanging 
TWIGGEN:  made of twigs, wicker 
Up to Glossary Index. TWILLED:  Retained by woven branches 
TWINK:  a twinkling 
TWIRE:  to peep, twinkle


~ U ~

UMBERED:   stained, dark, as with umber
UNANELED:  without extreme unction
UNAVOIDED:  unavoidable
UNBARBED:  untrimmed
UNBATED:  unblunted
UNBOLT:  to disclose
UNBOLTED:  unsifted, unrefined
UNBREATHED:  unpractised
UNCAPE:  to throw off the hounds
UNCHARGED:  undefended, applied to the gates of a city
UNCLEW:  to unravel, undo
UNCOINED:  unalloyed, unfeigned
UNDERGO:  to undertake
UNDERTAKER:  one who takes up another's quarrel
UNDER-WROUGHT:  undermined
UNEATH:  hardly
UNEXPRESSIVE:  inexpressible
UNFAIR:  to deprive of beauty
UNHAPPILY:  censoriously
UNHAPPY:  mischievous
UNHATCHED:  undisclosed
UNHOUSELED:  without receiving the sacrament
UNIMPROVED:  unreproved
UNION:  a pearl
UNJUST:  dishonest
UNKIND:   unnatural
UNLIVED:  bereft of life
UNMANNED:  untamed, applied to a hawk
UNOWED:  unowned
UNPROPER:  common to all
UNQUESTIONABLE:  not inquisitive
UNREADY:  undressed
UNRESPECTIVE:  inconsiderate
UNSISTING:  unresting
UNSTANCHED:  incontinent
UNTEMPERING:  unsoftening
UNTENTED:  unsearchable
UNTRADED:  unused, uncommon
UNTRIMMED:  spoiled of grace or ornament
UNTRUE:  untruth
UNVALUED:  invaluable
UPSPRING REEL:  a boisterous dance
URCHIN:  the hedge-hog
USANCE:  usury
USE:  interest
Up to Glossary Index.UTIS:   riotous merriment, which accompanied the eighth day of a festival
UTTER:  to expel, put forth
UTTERANCE:  extremity


~ V ~

VADE:   to fade
VAIL:  to lower
VAILING:  lowering
VAINNESS:  vanity
VALANCED:  adorned with a valence or fringe; applied to the beard
VALIDITY:  value
VANTAGE:  advantage
VANTBRACE:  armour for the front of the arm
VARLET:  a servant, valet
VAST:  a waste-place; metaphorically, the dead of night; a gulf
VASTIDITY:  immensity
VASTLY:  like a waste
VASTY:  vast, waste
VAUNT:  to speak vaingloriously of; boast of; brag
VAUNT-COURIERS:  forerunners
VAWARD:  vanguard; advanced guard of an army; metaphorically, the first of anything
VELURE:  velvet
VELVET-GUARDS:  velvet trimmings; applied metaphorically to the citizens who wore them
VENEW:  a bout in fencing, metaphorically applied to repartee and sallies of wit
VENEY:   a bout at fencing
VENGE:  to avenge
VENTAGES:  holes in a flute or flageolet
VERBAL:  wordy
VERY:  true, real
VIA:  off with you!
VICE:  to screw; the buffoon in the old morality plays
VIE:  to challenge; a term at cards; to play as for a wager
VIEWLESS:  invisible
VILLAIN:  a lowborn man
VINEWED:  mouldy
VIOL-DE-GAMBOYS:  a bass viol
VIRGINALLING:  playing as on the virginals, a kind of a spinet
VIRTUE:  the essential excellence valour
VIRTUOUS:  excellent; endowed with virtues
VIZAMENT:  advisement
VOLUBLE:  fickle
VOLUNTARY:  volunteer
VOTARIST:  votary, one who has taken a vow
VULGAR:  the common people; common
Up to Glossary Index.VULGARLY:   publicly


~ W ~

WAFT:  to wave, beckon; To turn 
WAFTAGE:  passage; waving, beckoning 
WAGE:  to reward as with wages 
WAILFUL:  lamentable 
WAIST:  the middle of a ship 
WANNION:  'with a vengeance.'
WAPPENED:  withered, overworn 
WARD:  guard Prison 
WARDEN:  a large pear used for baking 
WARDER:  truncheon 
WARN:  to summon 
WASSAIL:  a drinking bout; Festivity 
WAT:  a familiar word for a hare 
WATCH:  a watch light;to tame by keeping constantly awake 
WATER-GALL:  a secondary rainbow 
WATER-RUG:  a kind of dog 
WATER-WORK:  painting in distemper 
WAX:  to grow 
WAXEN:  perhaps, to hiccough 
WEALTH:  weal, advantage 
WEAR:  fashion 
WEATHER-FEND:  to defend from the weather 
WEB AND PIN:  the cataract in the eye 
WEE:  small, tiny; to think 
WEED:  garment 
WEET:  to wit, know 
WEIGH OUT:  to outweigh 
WELKIN;  the sky; sky-blue 
WELL-LIKING:  in good condition 
WELL SAID:  int. well done! 
WEND:  to go 
WESAND:  the wind-pipe 
WHELK:  a weal 
WHELKED:  marked with whelks or protuberances 
WHEN:  an exclamation of impatience 
WHEN AS:  when 
WHERE:  whereas; a place 
WHIFFLER:  an officer who clears the way in processions 
WHILE-ERE:  a little while ago 
WHILES:  until 
WHIP-STOCK:  handle of a whip 
WHIST:  hushed, silent 
WHITE:  the centre of an archery butt 
WHITELY:  pale-faced. A doubtful word 
WHITING-TIME:  bleaching time 
WHITSTER:  bleacher 
WHITTLE: a clasp knife 
WHOO-BUB:  hubbub 
WHOOP:  to cry out with astonishment 
WICKED:  noisome, baneful 
WIDOW : to give a jointure to 
WIDOWHOOD:  widow's jointure 
WIGHT: person 
WILD:  weald 
WILDERNESS:  wildness 
WIMPLED:  veiled, hooded 
WINDOW-BARS:  lattice-work across a woman's stomacher 
WINDRING:  winding 
WINTER-GROUND:  to protect (a plant) from frost
WIS:  in the compound 'I wis,' certainly 
WISH:  to commend 
WISTLY:  wistfully 
WIT:  knowledge, wisdom 
WITHOUT:  beyond 
WITS:  five, the five senses 
WITTOL:  a contented cuckold 
WITTY:  intelligent 
WOMAN-TIRED:  hen-pecked WONDERED:  marvellously gifted 
WOOD:  mad 
WOODCOCK  a simpleton 
WOODMAN:  a forester, huntsman; A cant term for a wencher 
WOOLWARD:  shirtless 
WORD:  to flatter or put off with words; To repeat the words of a song 
WORLD:  'To go to the world' is to get married; So 'a woman of the world' is a married woman 
WORM:  a serpent 
WORSER:  worse 
WORSHIP:  to honour 
WORTH:  wealth, fortune 
WORTS:  cabbages
WOT:  to know 
WOUND:  twisted about 
WREAK:  vengeance; to avenge 
WREAKFUL:  revengeful, avenging 
WREST:  an instrument used for tuning a harp 
WRIT:  gospel, truth 
WRITHLED:  shrivelled 
Up to Glossary Index. WROTH : calamity, misfortune 
WRUNG:  twisted, strained 
WRY:  to swerve


~ X ~

XANTHIPPE:   Socrate's scolding wife Up to Glossary Index.


~ Y ~

YARE:  ready, being understood
YARELY:  readily
YAW:  out of control
Y-CLAD:  clad
Y-CLEPED:  called, named
YEARN:  to grieve, vex
YELLOWNESS:   jealousy
YELLOWS:  a disease of horses
YEOMAN:  a sheriff's officer
Up to Glossary Index.YIELD:   to reward; To report
YOND:  and yonder
YOUNKER:  tyro


~ Z ~

ZANY:  a clown, gull Up to Glossary Index.

Original glossary provided by the Internet Public Library gopher system.  Additions and corrections made by Amy Ulen.


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