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Greetings Teachers!

Welcome to the Shakespeare High Faculty Lounge.  These pages are dedicated to helping you learn how to teach Shakespeare through performance.  Some teachers are reluctant to the idea of teaching through performance because they feel that they are not "drama teachers" and/or they don't have enough time. It is my hope that this site will

  • help alleviate some of those fears.
  • give a sound educational philosophy to back teaching through performance.
  • provide strategies, resources, and lesson plans.
  • be a gathering place for Shakespeare teachers!

In my school, the faculty lounge is a central gathering place where teachers share lesson plans/teaching ideas, tell stories/jokes, commiserate, and develop collegial camaraderie.   I hope that this virtual faculty lounge will give you the opportunity to create a similar bond with like-minded teachers from around the world.  You may choose to begin the conversation by visiting the Staff Lounge in the SH Cafeteria to discuss your latest lessons with other teachers.  If you have a lesson plan that you would like to submit to this site, please send it to teachers@shakespearehigh.com.

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