Surfing with the Bard Lesson Plans

from Shakespeare & Company Milling & Seething
Submitted by:  Amy Ulen
Date:  August 1994

Objective:   To help students make physical, vocal, and emotional connections with the text without the need to "perform."

Materials:  Open space


  1. Students will mill about the room but must always pass through the center of the room and move toward the walls or corners.
  2. Begin by asking the students to notice how they are breathing (and in some cases -- IF they are breathing!). Is the jaw open or closed? Ask students to allow the jaw to relax and breath through the mouth.
  3. The next step is to ask the students to notice the other people in the room. Make eye contact. Say "hello" to the people you see. At this point, remind the students to avoid walking in a circle.
  4. Always encourage the students to observe how they are feeling, both physically and emotionally. What do they observe in the other students? As the students become comfortable with the activity and the act of oberserving themselves and others, more instructions may be given.



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