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A Midsummer Night's Dream Another Herb: MND Improv
Submitted by:  Amy Ulen
Date:  February 15, 1999

Objective:   To determine how students feel about the use of the "love juice" in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  To discover if the relationship between Demetrius and Helena changes at the end of the play if Demetrius is no longer under the influence of the "love juice."



# of Characters: 2
Character Names: Demetrius & Helena
The woods.

Prior to entering the woods, Helena was deeply in love with
Demetrius, but he loved Hermia. While taking a nap in the woods, Puck squeezed a "love juice" in Demetrius' eyes. When Demetrius woke up, he saw Helena, and immediately fell in love with her. At the end of the play, Demetrius was still under the influence of the "love juice."

The improv begins with Demetrius and Helena waking up in the woods. Demetrius has been given the antidote to the "love juice."

Point of Concentration:
Does Demetrius still love Helena? After their long night, does
she still love him?

Notes to the actors:

  • Demetrius has been under the influence of the "love juice," does this physically affect him?
  • Demetrius knows that he can't have Hermia (she is with Lysander).
  • Helena feels that Demetrius was mocking her in the forest by pretending to love her.
  • They were in love at one point (prior to the beginning of this play).



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