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Any Play Isolate One Plot Line
Submitted by:  Michael Cremonini
Date:  August 1994

Objective:   This is a good exercise to isolate one plot line in a complicated play. If you are able to do this for all of the plot lines, it becomes clear to the students when these plot lines intertwine and when all of the conflicts are resolved at the end of the play.

Materials:  Text


  1. Choose one plot line from the play.
  2. Divide the class into enough groups to work on each section of that plot line.
  3. Give the class enough time to read through the scene -- decide on characters, costumes, props and ready it for performance.
  4. Each group should have enough people so that one can be the "director" plus the necessary characters and people who can feed-in the lines.
  5. Create a theatre space in your classroom or find a large enough space for this performance -- the auditorium, the gym, the cafeteria or, if appropriate, outside.
  6. Perform the scenes, in order, for the class.
  7. This exercise is a multi-day project -- usually two. One to prepare the scenes and the next to perform them.




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