Surfing with the Bard Lesson Plans

A Midsummer Night's Dream "Set Your Heart At Rest" Word Plays
Submitted by:  Amy Ulen
(adapted from a lesson by Viki Oliver)
Date:  August 1994

Objectives:   To introduce students to Act II, scene i, lines 121-137).  To create a dramatic reading of Titania's monologue.

Materials:  Cut the speech below into single words (keep in numerical order).


  1. With the students seated in a circle on the floor, hand out individual words in numerical order.  In a class of 30, each student will receive 4 or 5 words.
  2. Up on their feet, the students will create a "play" with their words (in any order) using sound and movement appropriate to what they think the words mean.  Each student will perform the "play" for the class.
  3. After seeing the "plays," students should put their words in numerical order.
  4. This time around the circle, students will perform the action and sound for the individual words in numerical order.
  5. Delete the movement the next time around.
  6. Continue around the circle until it sounds like a speech spoken by a single voice.
  7. Questions for discussion/homework:
    Who is speaking?
    What won't the speaker give up?

Set1 your2 heart3 at4 rest5 The6 fairy7 land8 buys9 not10 the11 child12 of13 me14 His15 mother16 was17 a18 votress19 of20 my21 order22 And23 in24 the25 spiced26 Indian27 air28 by29 night30 Full31 often32 hath33 she34 gossiped35 by36 my37 side38 And39 sat40 with41 me42 on43 Neptune's44 yellow45 sands46 Marking47 the48 embarked49 traders50 on51 the52 flood53 When54 we55 have56 laughed57 to58 see59 the60 sails61 conceive62 And63 grow64 big-bellied65 with66 the67 wanton68 wind69 Which70 she71 with72 pretty73 and74 with75 swimming76 gait77 Following78 her79 womb80 then81 rich82 with83 my84 young85 squire86 Would87 imitate88 and89 sail90 upon91 the92 land93 To94 fetch95 me96 trifles97 and98 return99 again100 As101 from102 a103 voyage104 rich105 with106 merchandise107 But108 she109 being110 mortal111 of112 that113 boy114 did115 die116 And117 for118 her119 sake120 do121 I122 rear123 up124 her125 boy126 And127 for128 her129 sake130 I131 will132 not133 part134 with135 him136




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