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Surfing with the Bard Frequently Asked Questions
Updated April 4, 2000

This page is set up to answer the frequently asked questions about this site. Please read through it before sending e-mail off to me. If there is a glaring omission, please let me know and I will add it.

  1. Why does Surfing with the Bard look so bad on my machine?
    Surfing with the Bard is designed for machines running in 800x600 mode. I figure that most people are now running at this resolution. This site is also designed for machines running 16 bpp (65,536 colors).

  2. Why are several of the Zones currently empty or pointing to blank pages?
    This is an easy one...I am basically the only person working on this site, and it's hard for me to fill up those pages by myself. Hopefully this will change. Anyone can submit content to the site.

  3. What's with all the menus?
    The basic layout of the site looks like this:

  • The Surfing with the Bard main page and the Zone pages have the same layout with the Zone menu to the left and handy links and stuff to the right. This is for functional navigation.

  • Auxilliary pages (like this one) of reviews, study guides, etc; or informational pages will not have navbars on the left OR right.

  • The images at the top of each page contain links back to the main Surfing with the Bard page and to the main Zone pages.

  1. Doesn't this slow the site way down?
    Actually, not really. These are all the same images being repeated over and over, so once they are loaded into your cache and memory they actually load pretty quick.

  2. Why don't you answer your e-mail?
    Like most teachers, I am a very busy person.  I tend to answer my e-mail in spurts--usually when guilt consumes me over not answering my e-mail for months at a time!   Well, it is either guilt or the fact that my inbox has over 300 messages in it!

  3. Will you please help me with my homework, essay, project, etc.?
    Again, due to my very busy schedule, I am unable to help students with homework questions.   On rare occasions when I have had a spare minute, I have been able to help, but these free moments don't come very often.  I will be working on the Student Zone this summer in an attempt to provide more resources for students.

  4. Where do I get more information about Don Stoneman's Midsummer PC program?
    Any questions about the Quarto Software's Guide to A Midsummer Night's Dream may be addressed directly to Don Stoneman. Mr. Stoneman is offering this program as freeware, so feel free to pass it on!

  5. What are your qualifications?  Are you affiliated with an institution of higher learning?
    Ah...if only I WAS affiliated with an institution of higher learning, I would be a happy camper!  Alas, I am a lowly high school Shakespeare/English/drama teacher who started this site as my personal homepage.  I am not sponsored by anyone, nor do I receive any help on the site.  If you work at a college and have a job for me, please let me know!

  6. How do I cite your site on my school project?
    Use the following example as a guide for citing the various pages throughout this website:

    Last name, First Name of Author. "Title of Document."  Date of publication.
            <>  (Date of Visit/Download).
    Ulen, Amy.  "Shakespeare 101: a student guide."  Surfing with the Bard.
         January 28, 2000.  <>
         (4 April 2000).
  7. Where do you get your images?  May I use them on my site?
    I created most of the images on this site myself or obtained permission to use the images from other sources.  I would still prefer it if you would write me directly requesting permission to use the images.  If I created the image, I will usually have no problem letting you use it, and I can point you to the right person to ask for permission for images I didn't create.  Please note that this also includes the backgrounds of the site. 

Unless otherwise noted, all original content 1996-2000 Amy Ulen. All rights reserved.
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