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Frequently Asked Questions about Surfing with the Bard.

Star Trek: Enterprise
Season 3 "Zero Hour"
KZOK (Seattle) Walk-on Contest Winner
Filmed:  March 2004
Aired:  May 26, 2004

Scott Bakula (aka Captain Archer) with the newest Starfleet recruit!

Here I am with Bob Rivers (from KZOK) in Engineering

No, I'm not some sort of albino alien...I'm the only dedicated crew member
who stays aboard the ship and works instead of going on shore leave!

Yeah, so I've always been I am giving the crew orders in the command center.

Captain Amy...really needs to go on a diet!  LOL!

Crewman Rivers surveying the damage the ship took during "Azati Prime."

Do you think they would notice if I took the shuttle out for a spin?!

Can you hear me now?

Do you see what I'm pointing at on the floor?!



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