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O, what a noble mind is here o'erthrown! ~Ophelia

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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Brief Summary

Folger Shakespeare LibraryHamlet returns home from school after learning that his father is dead.  When he arrives at Elsinore, he discovers his uncle Claudius is married to his mother Gertrude and is now king. Hamlet is in a bad mood!  Matters only get worse when his best friend Horatio and a couple guards show him a ghost who looks like his father.  The ghost instructs Hamlet to avenge his murder by killing Claudius!  Hamlet doesn't know what to do. He decides to act mad until he figures it out.  While Hamlet feigns madness, he inadvertently kills his girlfriend Ophelia's father, Polonius (he thought Polonius was the king...hate it when that happens!).  The death of her father causes Ophelia to literally go off the deep end.  At the close of the play, Hamlet does get his revenge, yet he perishes along with 8 other characters!

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