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I have done the deed. ~Macbeth

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Frequently Asked Questions about Surfing with the Bard.


Brief Summary

Read the Play

  • Coming Eventually! ~ read the play as cut for performance for the Clover Park High School Drama Club production of "The Scottish Play" (November 18-21, 1999).  Our study guide for the play will include digitized scenes from our production linked to the script.
  • Emanuel White's excellent Macbeth study guide.  Includes the text of the play with hyperlinks to definitions, graphics, and summaries.   Heavily frame dependent.
  • Macbeth Plugged.  Another annotated on-line version of the tragedy.  Heavily frame dependent.

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Discuss the Play

Lesson Plans

Related Links

  • Star Wars Macbeth: Macduff Strikes Back ~ Do not miss this one!  Students from Glen Ridge High School created a seventeen minute video for their English class in 1997 and have made it available to the rest of us in both QuickTime and RealPlayer formats.  This is most definitely one of my favorites!


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