NYC ~ 2/18/02

Although we didn't make it out to the Statue of Liberty to retake
the picture below, this view from the Staten Island Ferry shows
how dramatically the skyline has forever changed.

My friend, Mary Ciccone, made the trip with me to NYC
and Ground Zero; she also took all of the photos seen here!

Ground Zero

The church that survived all the chaos is now a place where
people from around the country and the world can gather
to mourn and show support for the people of NYC.

Canvas is provided for visitors to share their thoughts.
I continue to express my grief the only way I can...
through the words of the immortal bard.

Heroes Among Us
I come from you, the heroes among us.
I choose to be me.
I choose to be brave.
Now my spirit guides the heroes left behind.
They are all among you.
Mary and I had the privilege of being escorted inside the perimeter of
Ground Zero by Officer Dave S. (pictured above).  We wanted a photo
of the Heroes Among Us statue, because it was created by an Aberdeen
art teacher and her students.  I saw a special about it on the news and really
wanted a chance to see the statue in person.  When Dave learned that we are
teachers from Washington state, he opened the gate and walked us down to the
Firefighters' Headquarters where the statue resides.  The entire scene was
incredibly emotional, and I will write more about it at a later date.

I eventually plan on writing more about our day at Ground Zero, but for now I simply wanted to give those of you who haven't been there a chance to see some of the statues and memorials erected for the victims of this tragedy.  I also want to thank Mary for taking so many wonderful pictures that day.  I'll be sharing more of her photos when I complete this memorial page.

~ Amy,  3/3/02

O, woe is me
T' have seen what I have seen,
see what I see!

Ophelia's words embody my sense of grief as a result of the tragedy this country experienced last week.  I don't simply feel grief, I am grief.  Woe is me!  My heart breaks for all the lives lost and the families who grieve their loved ones.  Although the quality of this photo is poor, I have memories of my trips to the city and the WTC etched into the scrapbook of my heart.  Like all American's, I will remember.  I will always remember!

~ Amy, 9/17/01