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Shakespeare High is designed for students at all age levels who are studying Shakespeare and his times.  As this is an educational site, it is expected that all content posted to these pages be school appropriate.  Any information deemed inappropriate by the webmaster or moderators will immediately be removed.  If individuals continue to post inappropriate materials, they will be banned from the discussion zone (a.k.a. cafeteria). 

Please note that all views and opinions expressed within these pages or contained within this site domain are strictly those of the individual posters. By continuing to view this site, and any related links and or pages, you hereby accept this information for educational/recreational purposes only and shall not hold the web site domain owner, site admins, or moderators responsible for link content or accuracy of message board information.

We will continue to remove and correct all information and links possible, if you notice any link, picture, or content in violation please notify us and we will immediately correct the information. We also have many links to various personal and educational sites; although we strive to provide only the best and most accurate links, we cannot be held responsible for the information on these external sites.  Therefore, all external links will open in a new window.

We do our very best to make this an entertaining and educational site, please let us know of any problems or questions you may have.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact:  webmaster@shakespearehigh.com.


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