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Frequently Asked Questions about Surfing with the Bard.

Welcome to the Fun Zone!
This Surfing with the Bard zone is devoted to the silly side of Shakespeare.


The Undiscover'd Country
Shakespeare as seen in the Star Trek my convention photos!


Shakespeare Paperdolls
Print, color, cut out, and play with these wonderful Shakespearean paperdolls! Courtesty of Marilyn Malone.


24-hours in CyberSpace 24-hours in Cyberspace
Where were you on February 8, 1996?


Surfing with the Bard Logos
Surfing with the Bard has lived on the web since 1994!  The site has gone through a lot of face lifts in that time.  This page offers a look back at the development of the Surfing with the Bard logo.
The Logo Page


Surfing with
the Bard


Visit the Shakespeare Magazine!
Shakespeare Magazine

Mr. William Shakespeare
and the

Visit the Complete Works of Shakespeare at MIT.
The Complete Works at MIT

Visit Shakespeare Illustrated.



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